bet365 Football

bet365 Football

The battle on the football gridiron is the biggest season for gamblers and internet sportsbook sites alike and bet365 provides the means. With bet365 football props on every football game, point buying, futures and teasers available on every football league from the CFL to the NFL, you can’t miss.


bet365 Football – Straight Bets

With bet365, you can wager a straight football bet on sides, totals and money lines. If you don’t like the football game spread, try the halftime, quarter or first half odds. Still not satisfied? bet365 sportsbook offers in-play football betting, a unique feature that allows you to take action on a football game after it starts. Of course, odds and props will be adjusted accordingly, depending on how the football game has gone so far.

bet365 Football

bet365 Football – Buying points

bet365 football points can be bought only on point spreads and totals to move the spread or total to your advantage. The catch is, the amount you have to risk in order to win the same amount originally quoted will increase. The amount of this increase will vary depending on how many bet365 football points are bought, with push rules applying. In other words, the more you skew the sportsbook odds in your favor, the bigger the cost.

bet365 Football – Special Props

bet365 sportsbook allows you to predict the football player to score the first touchdown and the winning points margin, at specially combined odds. All bet365 football bets include overtime if played. Your football player must be dressed for football bets to stand. If a football match is abandoned after a touchdown has been scored all bet365 football bets will be settled as singles on the selected first touchdown scorer at the appropriate bet365 sportsbook football odds.